Arcus Sounds is a Recording Studio in East London.

We’ve created a comfortable and inspiring environment for all your creative endeavours – whether that’s a live session video, an EP recording, songwriting and production, or anything in between. 

Whether you’re looking to develop a sketch into a fully fledged track, record live with your band or transform your music into a compelling mix, our experienced engineers can help you realise your creative vision.

Alternatively, bring your own team and make full use of our modular space – easily adaptable to your needs and designed for hybrid workflows to suit modern music production. 


Stage Energy Meets Studio Precision

We designed Arcus Sounds to provide infrastructure and support to the DIY Musician. 

We firmly believe group music making should be a joy – performed live as much as possible, captured without sonic compromise. 

Aside from engineering, we’ve also help artists through our affordable and accessible studio memberships – whether that’s to create video content , workshop ideas or just bunker down in London’s most comfortable writing-rehearsal space. 

Our isolated control room also doubles as a Production & Mix Suite, with 32 channels of super fast MADI Optical between both spaces.



Our spacious live room is optimised for tracking live bands, with dedicated isolation booths for re-amping and vocals.
Get incredible detail with our extensive mic collection & class A preamps from SSL, Heritage Audio, Audient and Antelope Audio.


Arcus Sounds is the go-to venue for recording and filming live performances. Work with our video team or hire our space, in-house professional lighting rig, cameras & lenses.

Scroll down to see our ongoing sounder sessions, showcasing some of today's most compelling live performers.


Join our creative community and unlock exclusive 24 hour access to all the studio's audio & video equipment, at members-only rates.

Asides from all the equipment you'll ever need to record amazing music and make great videos, you'll be part of our greater community.

Writing & Rehearsal

Our Live Room is also open to non-members to use for rehearsals and writing sessions.

Full backline is provided, and at the push of a button you can capture demos for later listening.


Support Your Releases and Cut Through the Noise

 Seamlessly convert your raw energy from performing live on stage into a studio performance bursting with character.  

From a full band setup to a cinematic solo shoot, our versatile live room and in-house video team are at the ready to capture your vision on camera and bring it to the world stage. 

We also offer full post-production services : video editing, colour grading, audio mixing & mastering

Watch some of our previous sounder sessions below:

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