Tips from the Arcus Sounds Studio

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Arcus Sounds stands as a pinnacle of creativity in East London, supporting the needs of musicians, recording artists, producers, videographers and content creators. We are dedicated to creating productions that look and sound as great as they felt to make.

Live Video Sessions: 

Arcus Sounds is more than just a recording studio; it’s a creative space where live video sessions come to life. Our video production team collaborates with artists to create captivating live music videos, allowing musicians to share their unique stories and performances with the world.

Live Music Recording: 

As a live music studio, we specialise in capturing the energy and authenticity of live performances. Our recording and mixing engineers are dedicated to preserving the essence of your music, ensuring the raw energy of every note and emotion of every performance are faithfully captured into a beautiful recording.

Rehearsal Studios: 

Our state-of-the-art rehearsal studio provide the perfect environment for musicians to hone their craft, write new material or workshop the band into shape. Equipped with all gear you need, and acoustically optimised, our studios are the ideal setting for artists seeking the best rehearsal experience in East London.

Community and Collaboration: 

Our studio is not just a space; it’s a vibrant musical community. At Arcus Sounds studio, you’ll find musicians and creatives come together to share experiences, ideas, and inspiration.