How to Set Up a Rehearsal Studio: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Band Rehearsal Space

Whether you are a seasoned musician or an emerging band, having your own band rehearsal space is crucial. It provides the perfect environment for creativity, collaboration, and fine-tuning your musical prowess. However, setting up a rehearsal studio can be quite daunting if you don’t know where to start. This guide will walk you through the process of creating an ideal rehearsal space that suits your band’s needs. To book a rehearsal with us, head to our homepage, or try Studio Memberships or this blog post for discounts on monthly rehearsal or production time.

Choosing the Right Location for Your Band Rehearsal Space:

The first step in setting up a rehearsal studio is choosing the right location. Ideally, this should be a place where noise won’t be an issue – either because it’s soundproofed or isolated enough not to disturb others. Basements, garages, and spare rooms in your home can make excellent locations for a rehearsal space.

Consider the size of the room as well – it should be spacious enough to accommodate all band members and their equipment comfortably. Also, take into account factors such as ventilation and lighting; you want your band rehearsal space to be comfortable and conducive for long practice sessions.

East London Rehearsal Studio Arcus Sounds in action

Soundproofing Your Studio:

Once you’ve chosen the location, the next step is soundproofing. This is crucial in ensuring that your music doesn’t disturb others and that external noises don’t interfere with your practice sessions.

There are various ways to soundproof a room; some of these include installing acoustic foam panels on walls and ceilings, using bass traps for low-frequency sounds, and placing diffusers to scatter high-frequency sounds evenly throughout the room.

At Arcus Sounds, our live room is already sound-proofed and acoustically treated to ensure your rehearsal isn’t disturbed by outside noises, and the room itself sounds great making a great home for you to hone your sound.

Setting Up Your Equipment:

Now that you’ve got your location and soundproofing sorted, it’s time to set up your equipment. This will largely depend on the type of music your band plays and the instruments you use. However, some basic equipment that every rehearsal studio should have includes a PA system, microphones, amplifiers, and music stands.

Arrange your equipment in a way that allows for easy communication between band members. Everyone should be able to see each other for visual cues during practice sessions. Also, ensure there’s enough space for everyone to move around comfortably without tripping over cables or knocking over equipment.

Remember to invest in quality power strips with surge protectors to safeguard your equipment from power surges. Also, consider investing in a good storage solution for your gear when it’s not in use to keep your space tidy and organized.

At Arcus Sounds we’ve got all the equipment you need, backline, drum kit with breakables, PA, mics and stands and mixer which enables demo recording at the push of a button – it couldn’t be easier here, and there’s no hidden costs, all included in our price!

Having fun rehearsing at east london rehearsal studio arcus sounds
A band are setting up to be filmed in black and white

Creating the Right Atmosphere:

The atmosphere of your band rehearsal space can significantly impact productivity and creativity. Aim for a balance between functionality and comfort – it should feel like a place where you can work hard but also relax and enjoy the process of making music together.

We’ve worked hard to make sure Arcus Sounds is not only the most spacious and well equipped music studio in East London, but also that it’s got a creative and comfortable atmosphere. Sofas and chairs, soft lighting, access to a kitchen and bathroom all mean the space is looking after your energy perfectly and focusing you and your band into your rehearsal.


Setting up a rehearsal studio may seem like a daunting task but with careful planning and consideration, you can create an ideal band rehearsal space that meets all your needs. Remember that this is more than just a place to practice; it’s where creativity happens, collaborations are formed, and great music is made. So take the time to make it as comfortable and inspiring as possible – after all, this is where you’ll be spending countless hours honing your craft and creating magic with your bandmates.

Arcus Sounds is a true gem of a rehearsal studio, East London’s finest writing spot and that’s just the tip of the studio iceberg. What we’ve got going on here simply makes us the preferred choice for musicians and artists looking to take their craft to the next level. Get in touch to book!

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