BODEGA – Sounder Session

In the spring of 2022 we were incredibly lucky to have Brooklyn’s finest 21st century-social-critique punks drop in to film a live session with us during their 3-day residency at Hackney’s ‘Moth Club’, during an incredibly ambitious (and acclaimed) 7 week tour of Europe.


They had been on the road for 3 weeks by this point, and were like a well-oiled machine of a band smashing through songs with perfection and huge energy, just as they are on stage, amazing recordings.

Their setlists each night were 20+ songs and nearing 2 hours, which made for a blinding session on the day.

Live shot of BODEGA playing at Arcus Sounds

We engineered, recorded, produced and filmed this session entirely in-house, as well as edited in post, which was filmed specially for our Sounder Sessions series.

Live shot of BODEGA playing in their live session at Arcus Sounds

Highlights from their 4-song-strong set include a blistering cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Slow Train’, as well as a rendition of their single ‘Statuette Of the Console’ recited fully in Ukrainian – which completely spur of the moment.

After our producer Danny (who, during preparing slow-cooked vegan chilli for the band earlier that morning, had been listening to the different versions of the single) joked about whether they were going to sing it in Spanish or German, singer Nikki decided to do it in Ukrainian there and then.

It was a very special session indeed, which caught a moment in time of Bodega’s tapestry, line-up, and unrivaled power as a band. What a unit!

BODEGA Bandcamp

BODEGA Instagram

Producer: Danny Brooks

Director of Photography: James Little

Camera Operators: James Little & Danny Brooks

Recording and Mixing Engineer: Adam Bonser

Video Editing: Danny Brooks

Production: Arcus Sounds

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