HOLY TONGUE – Sounder Session

In the summer of 2021, during the early days establishing ourselves as a live studio, we had the pleasure of hosting a dear friend of the studio, Valentina Magaletti, at Arcus Sounds. Valentina, accompanied by her project ‘Holy Tongue,’ graced our studio with a mesmerising live performance, a huge moment for the team at Arcus Sounds.

Our live studio was illuminated solely by the enchanting glow of Astera AX1 tubelights, creating a captivating atmosphere for the pleasure of capturing the first filmed live session of Holy Tongue, just as their sophomore EP ‘II’ was released on Amidah Records. The recording was expertly engineered by our in-house team, ensuring the highest audio and video quality.

Valentina Magaletti performs with Holy Tongue in the Live Studio at Arcus Sounds

Set in the round, the live band consisted of a miniature super-group, with Al-Wootton (formerly known as ‘Deadboy’ and the head of label TRULE) showcasing his skills in electronics, samples, and live drum processing. Susumu Mukai, also known as the early XL Recordings champion ‘Zongamin,’ contributed his exceptional talent on bass and percussion. And, of course, Valentina Magaletti herself, a true force of nature, enthralled the audience with her masterful drumming.

Holy Tongue in session in the Live Studio at Arcus Sounds

This session was a significant milestone, being one of the earliest Sounder Sessions produced in-house at Arcus Sounds. It has rightfully earned its place as a certified favourite among our cherished sessions.

Links, Credits and More info about the Arcus Sounds Live Studio

Holy Tongue Bandcamp

Valentina Magaletti

Al Wooton

Valentina Magaletti – Drums and Percussion

Susumu Mukai – Bass and Percussion,

Al Wootton – Electronics and Percussion

Producer: Danny Brooks

Director of Photography: Oliver Bowring

Gaffer: James Little

Recording and Mixing Engineer: Adam Bonser

Post Producer: Oliver Bowring

Production: Arcus Sounds

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