FREAK SLUG – Sounder Session

In-house producer and engineer Danny met Freakslug whilst on tour drumming with JW Francis.

Freak Slug opened the show in their hometown of Manchester, just as they appeared in this live session – a two piece.

Their live show was captivating for a set up like this, which comes across perfectly in the Sounder Session too. Xenya’s gaze at the camera really pulls you in, and Nico on lead guitar is keeping cool and collected the whole way through.

It was one of their first live sessions according to the band, and also the first live performance ever (!) of their song ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ which they went on to perform live again later that evening at a sold out show at London’s ‘Lafayette’.

Be sure to check out their cover of Joy Division’s ‘Disorder’ – also filmed for our Sounder Session that day.

Freak Slug Bandcamp

Freak Slug Instagram

Producer: Danny Brooks

Director of Photography: James Little

Camera Operators: James Little & Danny Brooks

Recording Engineers: James Little & Danny Brooks

Mixing Engineer: Adam Bonser

Video Editor: Danny Brooks

Production: Arcus Sounds

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