Recording Studio Memberships

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Subscribe to our monthly mailing list and get exclusive access to our member’s community – a recording studio membership that’s perfect for labels, producers, and musicians!

Members can book our studio facilities at discounted rates, with full access to our top-of-the-range production equipment in both rooms.  

Aside from everything you’ll need to professionally record your music and shoot engaging videos, you’ll be part of our greater community – a growing network of fellow musicians and creators all over London that come in to produce, record content between gigs, rehearse and record full albums. 

How Does It Work?

By joining our mailing list, you automatically become a Member of the Arcus Sounds Community.

On the 25th of each month we release the dates for discounted sessions for the next month. Anyone currently subscribed is eligible to book the session; on a first-come, first-served basis.

Keep your eyes peeled – alongside our latest news and output, we’ll also be dropping member’s only perks such as one-off filmed sessions and exclusive discounts on sessions with our engineers.

If you’re interested in having regular studio time to produce, record or film in our studio, please get in touch to learn about the special rates we provide for Affiliates of Arcus Studio – committing to at least one day per month gives you even more access to the creative power of our live studio and more control over your productions than with our standard Recording Studio Membership.

Arcus Sounds is an East London recording studio specialising in recording live music and filming live sessions. Head to our Services page to imagine what you can create here! Our Recording Studio Membership can supercharge your creative output, don’t hesitate to ask us how we can support you, from rehearsals in content creators dream studio, to full live sessions to promote your music in its more raw creative form, we can help.
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