A drummer plays in a dramatic red at arcus sounds studio in east london

Arcus Sounds boasts two purpose-built recording and production spaces. 

Both rooms were designed with flexible workflows in mind – our live room has a comprehensive 32 channel recording rig, with class A preamps and easy plug-and-play laptop functionality. 

The isolated control room is geared towards production, with detailed monitoring , a MIDI keyboard, synths and a sidecar of outboard gear for quirky, analogue mix flavours. 

Whether you’re looking to track live or get involved with post-production, make full use of our facilities today. 

A band huddle in the control room to listen through takes
Tara plays guitar against a green backdrop
live session live music recording at arcus sounds studio east london
L.A. Salami sings and plays guitar from a chair

We love capturing musicians on film at the top of their game. 

Many of our clients have paid us a visit whilst on tour in the UK or Europe. 

Other artists we’ve worked with use their sessions here to promote upcoming releases and in some cases go on to land record deals.

With professional in-house lighting and 4K cameras woven together with the best of our recording capabilities, we can help you achieve a stand-out live performance.


A band are setting up to be filmed in black and white


Video Editing

Our team of experienced video editors specialize in live performance footage, and we have the expertise to produce high-quality, multi-camera & visually stunning videos that perfectly capture the essence of your music. 


Our in-house team can deliver energetic, dynamic mixes that engage and captivate your audience. 

We know our studios and equipment better than anyone, and promise to deliver your vision in broadcast-quality audio.


With mastering we can ensure that your tracks sound exceptional on all playback systems – striving for unparalleled clarity and emphasising the most intimate details of your music. 

Use our space on your own terms

With 24 hour access, get to know Arcus Sounds on your schedule.

Dry Hire

Our live room functions as a fantastic production space, with a great sound from the get-go; its generous size makes it a comfortable location for lengthy recording sessions.

As a film location with an acoustically isolated space, you can dictate all sources of light entirely with absolute ease.

Writing & Rehearsing

In addition to our recording and video services, our music studio is also the perfect destination for artists looking for a creative retreat; whether you’re working on a new album or just need a place to rehearse.

Our studio is designed to inspire creativity, with comfortable and inviting spaces that are perfect for brainstorming and collaborating.