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Take Your Music to Another Level

We’ve created a comfortable and inspiring environment for all your creative endeavours – whether that’s a live session video, an EP recording, songwriting and production, or anything in between. 

Here’s what you can expect when you choose us for your rehearsal:

East London Rehearsal Studio Arcus Sounds in action

Comfortable and Creative

At Arcus Sounds, we know creativity and pirate ship conditions aren’t a good mix!

Our studio is a comfortable and inspiring environment for writing and rehearsal, acoustically isolated so you only hear your music, not the band next door. 

Plus, we have a great kitchen, so you can settle in for the long haul. 

Drum kit, Amps and instruments at Music Rehearsal studio arcus sounds

Backline and Beyond

Arcus Sounds prides itself on making sure you have everything you need to just walk in and have a great session.

From breakables and an extensive selection of amps, to keyboards, a PA system, and monitor wedges, our full backline caters to every aspect of your musical needs.

Seamless Demo Recording

With the Zoom L20 mixer, switching your writing or rehearsal session into a demo recording becomes effortless.

At the push of a button,  you can capture your new ideas straight away. Record direct to an SD card, or connect up and use the mixer as an audio interface and record into your DAW.

Effortless Content Creation

At Arcus Sounds, our studio is thoughtfully designed & lit to support artists and content creators. 

 From instant BTS vibes to a full Live Session, and everything in between,  add in what you need to get all you can out of writing and rehearsing time. 

Check our tagged page on Insta for a peek at what’s possible.

Exceptional Acoustics in the Arched Live Room.

Saving the best till last.. Let yourself to be captivated by the incredible acoustics of our live studio under the bridge. Whether you’re rehearsing solo or going full power with your band, every note hits clearly and you can fine tune your music for maximum effect.