What is The Best Microphone for Recording Live Music?

Crafting captivating live session recordings at Arcus Sounds involves meticulous attention to detail, especially in selecting the right recording equipment. Today, we’re thrilled to share our passion for five microphones that see the most action on our live recordings at our East London recording studio. Let’s dive into the sonic wonders of these microphone marvels and see how we use them in practice.

1. Electro-Voice RE20

As seen above as Ben’s vocal mic the Electro-Voice RE20 is reliable legend in our array of recording equipment, helping us get clean captures in a noisy room with its precise directionality. This dynamic microphone’s specialised acoustic design delivers rich, natural tones, enhancing vocals, guitar amplifiers, and brass instruments, we also use it for podcasters. The RE20’s distinctive tonal qualities, in sync with our recording equipment, cut through the noise of loud room and gives us great sounding recordings from key players, like a lead singer.

2. Sennheiser MD241

The Sennheiser MD241, a timeless gem in our recording equipment collection, looks great on camera as well as sounding fantastic. Its supercardioid polar pattern and low distortion characteristics make it an ideal choice for nuanced live vocals, and we love it for getting detail on Tom drums. This microphone, paired with our top-tier recording equipment, handles high sound pressure levels with finesse, preserving clarity and warmth in live sessions, listen out for it on Holy Tongue’s session, where you’ll see it on both sides of Valentina’s drum kit. 

Oc818, a microphone that's part of the recording equipment at Arcus Sounds, east london recording studio

3. Austrian Audio OC818

We love the Austrian Audio OC818, celebrated for its versatility and clarity. This multi-pattern microphone, is a Swiss army knife of the mic locker, adapting to circumstances required with unparalleled sound quality and precision. We can change the polar patterns, offering flexibility in capturing both instruments and vocals during live sessions, when subtlety is required, this what we reach for!


4. Shure Beta 91A

The Shure Beta 91A stands out in our recording equipment selection as the most consistent player on our microphone team. This condenser microphone, tailored for low-frequency instruments like kick drums, excels in providing clarity and impact. Its engineered design minimises feedback, delivering a dynamic punch to our live recordings, and safeguarding the essential qualities of the kick drum needed to really make our live sessions bang! If there’s drums on the session, this is part of that sound – we wanted to share that here as you’ll never see it, it sits right inside the Kick drum!

East London Rehearsal Studio Arcus Sounds in action

At Arcus Sounds, every microphone, and the rest of our recording equipment, has unique role to play in live session excellence. There’s more to come in this series, but to really get into the detail of how to get the most of our little East London Recording Studio, get in touch! 

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