Why nothing compares to rehearsing at our Rehearsal Studio

When it comes to nurturing your musical talent and unleashing your creative potential, nowhere compares to the Arcus SoundsΒ rehearsal studio,Β East London . Let’s delve into why our studio stands out, and why it’s the perfect space for musicians and bands.

Full Backline and More:

Arcus Sounds has the strongest rehearsal equipment game to fuel your creativity. Our full backline includes everything you need, from kit, including breakables, and a wide selection of amps, a PA system, electric piano, spare guitars and basses, and monitor wedges. Whether you’re fine-tuning your live performance setup or experimenting with different soundscapes, we’ve got you covered.

East London Rehearsal Studio Arcus Sounds in action

Amazing Acoustics in the Arched Room:

The heart of Arcus Sounds lies in the incredible sound of our arched live studio. Acoustically optimized to ensure that every note, every beat, and every whisper of reverb is crystal clear. Acoustically isolated from other peoples rehearsals, whether you’re rehearsing with your band or recording solo, you’ll only hear what you want to hear – yourselves!

Comfortable and Creatively Inspiring Environment:

At Arcus Sounds, comfort meets creativity. Our live studio is designed to provide a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere for musicians and artists. From cozy seating to an adaptable lighting, the studio envelops you in a nurturing environment drawing out the best performances. The kitchen helps too, tea & coffee, slow cookers and air fryers, you can get stuck in for a while here :)

Having fun rehearsing at east london rehearsal studio arcus sounds

Content Creation Friendly Setting:

All artists have to keep an eye out for their social audiences, luckily Arcus Sounds is not just a rehearsal studio; it’s a content creator’s dream. The studio’s design and layout are perfect for content creation, making it an ideal place to capture the magic on the side of rehearsing for your next tour, you can always hire in some extra lights or one of our team to really push this to the next level along side a great days practice. Don’t take our word for it, check who’s been tagging us in their recent visits!

Zoom L20 Mixer: Record Demos with Ease:

With our top-of-the-line Zoom L20 mixer, you can record demos at the push of a button. This cutting-edge technology simplifies the recording process, allowing you to capture your music and ideas effortlessly. It’s a game-changer for musicians looking to document their work without the hassle of complex setups.

Arcus Sounds is a true gem of a rehearsal studio, East London’s finest writing spot and that’s just the tip of the studio iceberg. What we’ve got going on here simply makes us the preferred choice for musicians and artists looking to take their craft to the next level. Get in touch to book!

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