Live Session Filming At Arcus Sounds

A Live Session puts your music in front of the right people.

Musicians and artists: don’t wait around for the rest of the world to find you.

Effective self-promotion needs to authentically showcase your artistry, and ‘Content’ won’t connect with people the way that your live music does. 

It can feel like a constant uphill battle to get your music in front of people who will actually listen.

Social posts and emails aren’t getting through the way you hoped they would.

Labels, festival bookers and promoters receive literally hundreds of emails a day. 

Why will they remember yours?

“Show, don’t tell”

Enter the live video session. 

Eliminate any doubt from their minds and transform how you get booked for events with a professionally recorded live show you can send directly.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat, save time, and showcase the very best of your work. 

Stage Energy Meets Studio Precision

Arcus Sounds is designed for the highest quality live sessions. 

Here, everything is taken care of, so you can focus on nailing your performance. 

Our experienced in-house team get the best out of our spacious and flexible live studio,  deliberately engineered with audio and video quality in mind. 

live session live music recording at arcus sounds studio east london

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of our previous clients have to say: 

Watch all their sessions below:

let your music do the talking

How do music videos and live sessions compare?

Instead of creating a music video from scratch for your next release, consider a filmed session for your campaign. 


Music Video
  • Pre-producing and storyboarding a full video
  • Extensive travel and hiring multiple locations
  • The need to transport gear and people
  • Not as direct as a live performance
  • Unexpected costs, big budgets
  • Mounting pressure to finish on schedule
  • Will it truly represent your music?
Live Session
  • Clear production outcomes from the start
  • One location for all creative needs
  • Professional video and audio equipment included
  • Power & dynamics of live shows, perfectly captured
  • High value, competitive package for multiple tracks
  • Reliable high quality product, faster turnaround
  • Your stage essence for the world to see

We understand the need to produce regular high quality content to support your work.

> Increase your reach and speed up your growth by approaching more people in less time
> Spend less time spent carefully crafting personal emails, which risk being unread
> Create a nuanced portfolio piece that conveys exactly how you want to present yourselves


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