At our recording studio, we’re always on the lookout for remarkable musical talent. In Tongues emerged on our radar through the interconnected web of musical collaborations that defines the London scene. Our own Arcus engineer, Adam, had crossed paths with drummer Pike and Synth player Sam in previous London-based projects. Adding to the connection, Arcus producer Danny shared a recent stage at Windmill Brixton with this dynamic band.

In Tongues’ performance was nothing short of infectious, and their presence was super tight.

When the opportunity arose for them to perform a selection of tracks for a filmed Sounder live Session, In Tongues were keen to incorporate an overhead camera setup into their performance. With this vision in mind, we meticulously planned the entire set, arranging the band in the round to maximise the visual impact.

Behind the Music: In Tongues

Guitarist Tara Cunningham stands as a rising star within London’s music scene, carving her niche in the realm of South London Jazz. Her prowess extends across various bands, ensembles, and improvisational projects, showcasing her versatility in delivering captivating performances. Tara’s guitar skills beautifully complement the essence of In Tongues and particularly shine in their live rendition of ‘Felucia.’

Pike’s drumming prowess deserves a special mention, beats kept impeccably throughout the session. The performance even featured our first-ever drum solo in this setup — exhilarating! Captured on our multi-cam set up, delighted to have it on tape here at Arcus Sounds. Witnessing In Tongues live is an experience that resonates – catch them in action – guaranteed it won’t be your only time!

Live session shoot at arcus sounds studio east london

In Tongues’ unique sound and shoot left an indelible mark on our studio, all of us collaborating to embody the spirit of musical and visual innovation in the live room. Their performance at Arcus Sounds stands as a testament to the diverse and dynamic talent that graces our recording studio, continually pushing the boundaries of musical expression.

In Tongues Bandcamp

Producer: Danny Brooks

Director of Photography: James Little

Camera Operators: James Little & Danny Brooks

Recording and Mixing Engineer: Adam Bonser

Video Editor: Danny Brooks

Optimizing for Recording Studio Live Sessions:

At Arcus Sounds, we take pride in being at the forefront of the live music recording experience. Our collaboration with In Tongues on their unique live session is a testament to our commitment to capturing musical performances in their purest form. With our highest quality recording and mixing facilities, helmed by the talented Adam Bonser, we ensure that each note, every beat, and the soulful nuances of every live session are recorded with unparalleled precision. Our team, led by producer Danny Brooks, worked seamlessly to create an immersive audiovisual experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional recording studios. 

Whether it’s the intimate acoustic renditions or the electrifying full-band performances, Arcus Sounds is dedicated to providing artists like In Tongues with the perfect canvas for their aspirations in our live music recording studio.

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