MF TOMLINSON – Sounder Session

At Arcus Sounds, the Sounder Sessions series unfurls stories of musical artistry and intimate performances in our East London Recording Studio. Amidst our busiest week of filming in 2022, we had the honour of hosting and recording MF Tomlinson, a musician weaving tales on beautiful tracks from his upcoming album ‘We Are All Still Wild Horses,’ released on PRAH Recordings in February 2023.

MF Tomlinson playing guitar at Arcus Sounds Recording Studio, East London

Michael, known on stage as MF Tomlinson, graced the recording studio live room with a solo acoustic performance that diverged from his album’s rich tapestry of woodwind and string arrangements. In this exclusive session, Michael’s storytelling prowess paints a vivd picture, complemented by subtle guitar effects that elevate the tracks to new heights. Stripped down to their core, these session track delve into the essence of Michael’s artistry, drawing the audience deeper into his narratives lyric by lyric and strum by strum.

MF Tomlinson singing at Arcus Sounds Recording Studio in East London

Radically different staging to our previous Sounder Sessions, this performance was a visual marvel, with careful use of lights and blackout curtains to create a cinematic atmosphere. This choice allowed the spotlight to focus entirely on nuances of M.F.’s performance, creating an immersive visual experience that resonates with the delicately beautiful audio. The inspiration behind this setting stemmed from MF Tomlinson’s music videos and short films that accompany the album, with a variation on the staging seen in that work.

Close upMF Tomlinson strumming at a Recording Studio in East London, Arcus Sounds

The results of this session are nothing short of captivating, possibly ranking as our most intimate recording to date.

Beyond the Recording Studio, MF Tomlinson:

MF Tomlinson, aka Michael Tomlinson, is a multifaceted musician known for his soul-stirring compositions and evocative storytelling. His music navigates through a blend of folk, indie, and contemporary sounds, creating an atmospheric landscape that captivates listeners. With a unique ability to craft narratives that intertwine with melody, MF Tomlinson’s body of work is a resonating journey through heartfelt storytelling and musical finesse.

MF up close and personal with our OC818, in the live room at the recording studio, arcus sounds, east london

MF’s Website

Producer: Danny Brooks

Director of Photography: Danny Brooks

Recording and Mixing Engineer: Adam Bonser

Post Producer: Danny Brooks

Production: Arcus Sounds

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