FAMILIAR ACTION – Sounder Session

Familiar Action, the South London art-rock juggernauts, made a hell of a bang during their electrifying session at Arcus Sounds—a standout among the top-billing live performances we’ve captured at our music studio.
This session marked their debut showcasing new material on camera, and we’re thrilled to have captured their musical lightning in a bottle. Set in-the-round, this session showcased a the power of this set up to get a clean capture during a busy room: a 5-piece band sharing the same space, allowing for great vocal recordings and elevating their performance energy to new height.

Guitarist plays during the Familiar Action live session at a music studio, Arcus Sounds in East London

Fronted by Bristolian brothers Ned and Tom Armstrong, the latter known as Dunce, Familiar Action delves into free-form Jazz, often exploring improvisations around thematic motifs, enlisting fellow South London musicians and peers to join in an ever-changing line up.

Full power singing at arcus Sounds during the familiar action live session

Tom frequently collaborates with on other projects too, contributing to ever-evolving lineups like Jerkcurb and Findom, and plays a pivotal role in the eclectic FULL POWER RECORDS label. Oscar, also part of Familiar Action, leads the charge at FULL POWER RECORDS and crafts multifaceted sounds in his solo project ‘Bossola’.

Bassist performing during the familiar action live session, in the background, the gold arcus sounds logo is visible on the purple music studio door

Drummer Henry’s musical journey spans various collaborations across London’s diverse musical tapestry, contributing to bands like Tender Host and Sorority while engaging in spontaneous jam sessions and recording endeavors across the city. The ripple effects of these collaborations are full of promise, we’re hoping to get our ears on them soon!

close up of Drummer for famliar action during their live music studio session at arcus sounds in east london

The sheer energy exuded during Familiar Action’s performance was of unmatched caliber—a challenge and thrill to capture. The finished edit, skillfully crafted by our in-house team, beautifully encapsulates the dynamism and essence of this formidable musical force.

Familiar Action Insta

Producer: Danny Brooks
Videographers: Danny Brooks and James Little
Recoridng Engineers: David Bartley and Adam Bonser
Mixing Engineer: David Bartley
Video Editor: Danny Brooks
Production: Arcus Sounds

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