THE PARROTS – Sounder Session

When the musical landscape meets the vibrant city of London, there’s no better place to experience the magic of a music studio than at Arcus Sounds. In a memorable rendezvous, our dear friends, The Parrots from Madrid, graced us with their presence during their first UK tour since the pandemic. The studio walls resonated with the awesome sounds of their new songs as they performed live, and the arcus filmed the show.

the parrots perform at arcus sounds, music studio in london

The Parrots, hailing from Madrid, blessed us with new tunes from their second studio album, ‘Dos,’ a gem released under London’s renowned Heavenly Recordings. Their visit was a part of a week-long stint in the UK, with just one show left on the horizon at Rough Trade East. The band had enlisted a full backline from Arcus for their entire tour, and the studio session on the same equipment meant they sounded as energetic and powerful on tape as they do on stage.

a parrots live session at arcus sounds, music studio, london

In addition to their ‘Dos’ material, we shared a special request for an old favourite, ‘To The People Who Showed Me Their Love Whilst I Was Here,’ a track dating back to an earlier EP from 2015. The Parrots’ energy resonated in every note, embodying the very essence of their spirited sound.

the parrots live session performance at arcus sounds, a music studio in london

Behind the Music: The Parrots

The Parrots are an integral part of Madrid’s dynamic Garage-Rock scene, which emerged nearly a decade ago, where they stood at the forefront alongside bands like ‘Los Nastys’ and ‘Hinds’ (formerly known as ‘Deers’). Their visit to Arcus Sounds brought a true slice of this Madridian musical energy to our studio, shaking its walls and leaving an indelible mark.

The Parrots’ website

Producer: Danny Brooks

Director of Photography: Danny Brooks

Camera Operators: Danny Brooks & Willow Flores

Recording and Mixing Engineer: Adam Bonser

Post Producer: Danny Brooks

Production: Arcus Sounds

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