BLACK HONEY – Band in Residence

From the very beginning of our journey as a studio, Black Honey found their musical haven at Arcus Sounds, making us their London rehearsal studio. This remarkable band made history when their sophomore album, ‘Written & Directed,’ stormed the UK charts, claiming the #7 spot. Since then, they have become our cherished artists-in-residence, rehearsing here on the regular since May 2021.

Black Honey Birthday in our East London Rehearsal Space

Beyond using our space for writing sessions and crafting new material, Black Honey has also utilised our state-of-the-art facilities for comprehensive tech rehearsals in preparation for their upcoming shows and tours. This has allowed them to fine-tune their sound and get flawless performances in the pocket, thanks to dedicated sound engineers and monitoring systems.

Black Honey’s talent and dedication to their craft get the absolute best out of Arcus Sounds studio, like their amazing self shot collab with UK music magazine DIY, commemorating the 20th anniversary of The Strokes’ iconic debut album, ‘Is This It.’ Part of the select group of the bands asked to cover the album’s tracks, Black Honey received the call and took to our live room, where they recorded their own electrifying rendition of ‘The Modern Age.’

Black Honey rehearsing in our East London Rehearsal Space

As our longest-standing clients, Black Honey holds a special place in our studio’s history. We take immense pride in being their chosen rehearsal space, and we continue to support their creative journey at Arcus Sounds, the best East London rehearsal studio.

Photography: Tatjana Rüegsegger

Black Honey

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