SUITMAN JUNGLE – Sounder Session

When Suitman Jungle, the talented Marc Pell, surfaced in 2018/19, we knew we’d love him to visit our little video recording studio, Arcus Sounds. Marc’s prior musical ventures in Micachu and The Shapes, Good Sad Happy Bad, and Mount Kimbie had already left a lasting impression, but Suitman Jungle took things to a whole new level, resonating deeply with the spirit of London

suitman jungle in the music recording studio, arcus sounds

We couldn’t wait to welcome Marc for a Sounder Session. He was gearing up to film a fresh live show following the release of his debut album, Liquid Lunch. To set the stage for his dynamic music, we meticulously designed a unique setting within our live room. Using 16 individual Astra AX-1 tube lights, our in-house team tailored the lighting for each song, enveloping Marc’s performance in a visually immersive experience.

marc pell at our video recording studio, arcus sounds

Inside the Video Recording Studio: Suitman Jungle

Marc’s session at Arcus Sounds wasn’t your typical live show. It broke the mould, introducing a cinematic twist that elevated the entire experience, using the music video recording studio to its fullest potential. The standout moment arrived during the track “173bpm.” Here, Suitman Jungle’s performance transcended the boundaries of a standard live session. Marc, breaking away from his drum kit, masterfully recreated slow-motion effects in real-time adding a theatrical and beautiful dimension to an already unique live session.

Suitman Jungle’s Backstory

Suitman Jungle, curated by Marc Pell, is an artistic fusion that mirrors the eclectic and vibrant tapestry of London’s cultural landscape. With a captivating stage presence and an eclectic sound, Suitman has carved a niche as an avant-garde musical entity.

Marc Pell’s Suitman Jungle performance at Arcus Sounds embodies our dedication to fostering innovative artistic expressions within our video recording studio. His visionary approach aligns seamlessly with our ethos of pushing boundaries and creating immersive experiences. Witnessing Suitman Jungle unfold within the walls of Arcus Sounds is an invitation to embark on an enthralling journey through the realms of groundbreaking music and cinematic brilliance.

Suitman Jungle Bandcamp

Producers: Danny Brooks and Marc Pell

Director of Photography: Oliver Bowring

Lighting/Gaffer: James Little

Recording and Mixing Engineer: Adam Bonser

Video Editor: Oliver Bowring

Production: Arcus Sounds

For those seeking the magic of live music captured on film, Arcus Sounds offers London’s best music video recording studio. Our dedication to providing a space where artists can bring their vision to life shines through in every session, just as it does in Suitman’s.
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